Skins (UK) vs. Skins (US)

Found this picture on Tumblr featuring the Skins US and Skins UK cast. Here’s a list of my observations:

1. WHY THE HELL IS MAXXIE A GIRL? Maxxie should be a hot, gay version of Sam Evans.

2. The British version of Tony is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay waaaaaaay hotter than his American counterpart.

3. In fairness, medyo cutie pie si Sid.

4. American Effy is also not as hot as British Effy. I will cry now. American Effy looks like a little girl, while British Effy is a bombshell.

I shall stop nitpicking the US version of Skins now.



1. The American version of Maxxie is a lesbian cheerleader named Tea! And, deyumm, she is pretty. I was looking forward that Maxxie will be a hot gay guy that will trample Kurt Hummel. Instead, I got a hot lesbian cheerleader!

2. From Anwar to Abbud. Anwar’s name is changed to Abbud! *repeats to self Anwar is “different” from Abbud*

3.  Jal is now a Korean girl named Cho. Awesomeness. I’m thinking that Cho is also as intelligent and sharp as Jal.

4. Cassie is now Cadie.

Okay, I can’t wait for Skins US now. I’m excited to see if Skins US will live up to the legendary reputation of Skins UK.

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