Christmas Wishlist

Random things that I want for Christmas—material/non-material:

Material (I can be shallow too hahaha) :

MAC lipsticks!

1. MAC lipsticks- MAC’s lipstick shades are too pretty. I want tubes of MAC’s Viva Glam Gaga, Please Me, Kinda Sexy, Plastique and Lady Danger! I’ve never felt this girly.


Keds sneaks!

2. Keds Champion sneakers in a surprising color/print/fabric or sneakers in a surprising color- I fell in love with Keds sneakers after seeing them on Weheartit and all sorts of random places. Because of this, I am thinking about getting a pair of Keds sneaks in a unique fabric, such as chambray, or a unique print, so I can stand out in a sea of Keds sneaks. Haha.

3. A Real Madrid or a FC Barcelona jersey. Sige na, ako na yung balimbing. Hahahaha. I kid. Real Madrid all the way!

4. Doodlebooks/journals. Add G-tec pens to the list too.


1. World peace

2. Happy, successful relationships with friends and family.

3. Good health

4. Less stress.


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