Hong Kong/Macau 2010

Went to Macau and Hong Kong last May with my family. The trip was fun, and educational (in some way)  Lots of shopping, sightseeing, and all sorts of randomly interesting things happened.

Most of the pictures are from our Macau sidetrip, since I found Macau as a really interesting place to visit.  Oh, The Venetian, I shall visit you again soon.

MGM Grand in Macau

Oooh.. MGM Grand!

Lomography at the Macau Tower

I found a toy store at the Macau Tower that sells Lomo cameras. I shall save up for this.

Japanese tourists!

Also, at the Macau tower, I spotted some Japanese tourists wearing kimonos! Such a cute sight to see that day.

The Venetian

Alas, The Venetian. The highlight of the day during the side trip. I wanted to stay there all night and roam around the stores.

Now, let’s move on to HK!

Hong Kong State of Mind

Despite the familiar tourist spots, and other familiar places in Hong Kong, I haven’t been to the Hong Kong side of Hong Kong yet. Oh well.

Emma Watson for Burberry

While waiting for some tourists to go out of their hotels, I decided to take a picture of a nearby Burberry store, and alas, I saw Emma Watson’s spring/summer ad campaign at the store window! Emma Watson, why so pretty? Haha.

More pictures, and random commentaries to follow. I am such a procrastinator.


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