Math, Physics, and boys.

I am seriously going to apologize for creating analogies among Physics, Math, and boys.

Physics and Math are like boys (in my opinion, at least). Physics, is the guy that has everything——- looks, brains, wealth, skills, whatever.  However, Physics has a weird side that you will either love or hate. You may hate him for spewing out ideologies or things that are far too complicated for your brain, or you may love him for introducing you to new gravity-defying ideas. On the other hand, there’s Math. The reformed bad boy who is always out to prove himself by constantly giving you life lessons to keep you motivated. You may hate him for his constant presence in your life, or love him for helping you out with counting your money, or waiting for the time of your favorite show to appear on TV.

Oh well, the bottom line is that just like boys, Math and Physics are complicated, crazy, and somewhat necessary to a girl’s life. You can’t avoid them.


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