Random Thoughts on New Year’s Day

  1. I hate being sick during the break. Colds and cough are back.
  2. UPCAT results on Monday. Same goes with DLSU results. But screw it, I know my DLSU result anyway. (Results, please be kind to me. YUN LANG.)
  3. School on Tuesday. What is unproductive.
  4. I don’t like Kanye West that much, but his songs blow me away. Have you heard his new song, Monster? It’s mindfckingly amazing.
  5. I think I need to be more productive.
  6. Yay for NBS gift certificates hahaha. Hello, new pens and books hahaha.
  7. Real Madrid’s Christmas video was awesome.
  8. I think I broke my camera’s memory card. Sayang ang pictures. <///3
  9. Ang daming aaralin at babasahin over the next few days. Must. be. productive. now.
  10. I’m currently writing this blog entry in my seemingly bangag state right now. Anyway, Happy New Year again friends! I love you!

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