Whip My Hair

I’m doing this blog post while studying for Physics and Filipino. How awesome.

I love my hair. It makes me stand out from the rest and all, but when it comes to maintenance and care, it’s another story. Anyway, here’s an evolution of hairstyles from 2008 up to now.

I’ve always had hair like this (or some similar form of this) ever since late 2008 or early 2009. Sometimes, I let the hairstylist cut my hair, but when I am completely bored, or in need of a change, I sometimes trim my hair or cut my bangs.

Until yesterday, I decided to take the plunge and cut my hair short!

Almost three years ago, I went crazy with the scissors, and my dad decided to take me to the parlor and have my hair fixed! (WHAT A JEJE POSE)

I’ve always wanted hair like this. Huhuhuhu.


I think I’ve had enough complaints with my hair. I’ll just work with it. I apologize for the extreme narcissism.


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