Saturday and Sunday

  • Scolded by Dad early in the morning
  • Went to Ateneo to attend the SOH Open House
  • The first part of the Open House was okay, the tours were the fun part.
  • The new Rizal Lib was too awesome for the senses.
  • The projects of the BFA ID people exhibited outside Leong Hall were so cool!
  • The Art Gallery’s jukebox was mindblowingly epic.
  • Discovered a newfound appreciation for art after visiting the gallery.
  • Met some cool people as the morning went by.
  • Visited UP Technohub with Dad and Tito Simon for lunch.
  • As the lunch progressed, stories, and lots of advice were shared.
  • Decisions were made.
  • And for one last time, Dad gave me one sermon before he played tennis.


  • Woke up early.
  • Ate breakfast (German luncheon meat and eggs)
  • Cleaned my room and the bathroom
  • Dressed up, prepared some things, accidentally left my phone at home.
  • Went to Greenhills with the family, and shopped for Dad’s pasalubong.
  • Salivated for Toms Shoes, striped shirts, and denim shorts throughout the morning.
  • Hated the idea that our parking area was too far.
  • Drank White Chocolate Mocha sans whipped cream.
  • Went to Walter Mart afterwards, and discovered some things about my eating habits.
  • Eschewed Hello Panda for peanuts, with the excuse, “Nasaan yung Hello Panda?”
  • Realized that plain white dresses do not complement my figure. Something in gray, or in cream would be much better for my curvy body.
  • “Studied” for Physics.
  • Tried doing the COL to no avail.
  • Blogged, and blogged.
  • Good morning. (Monday, 12:48 am)

Future Shock

I am currently in a state right now where I’m excited to leave the place that I grew up with, and ready to move to the place where I wanted to be all along. In my case, it’s leaving high school, and moving on to college.

My days as a high school student are already counted. After the last few weeks of academics, requirements and graduation, a new chapter called college begins. To be honest, I’m really looking forward to graduating high school and moving on to college, to the point that I’m slacking off right now in school. I’ve been asking people as early as now about their experiences in college, I’ve been receiving advice from my dad and his friends about growing up, and college, and I’ve been laying out my plans for college as early as now (Sadly, I like thinking about my future.), because I’m afraid that I might not make the most of what I have in college. However, as the days are going by, I realized that I  have been too excited about the future, as a lame reason for being scared of the bigger world coming for me. I must have been too closed-minded about the future, while the best thing about being in the future is keeping yourself flexible and open with the opportunities coming at you, which is one thing that high school does not explicitly tell you about dealing with the world outside.  Looking back, despite all of these things, I realized that high school prepares us in a bigger world called college, so it’s important to keep the lessons that you have learned in high school, and apply it in college. Besides, according to Leighton Meester, ” High school is not the end, it is not the best, it is not the only. You will have a whole life afterward, if you`re lucky. If you`re unlucky, then the only thing you`ll ever feel is how fun it is at your prom.”

Fail Photowall

Last week, out of boredom, I decided to tear out pages of my favorite magazines, and take some pictures, then turn my blank, white wall into a photo wall of some sort that includes the things that inspire me! Here are some pictures:

First Stage
Second Stage
Yay! It's complete!

I know my photo wall still needs a lot of work. However, this wall reminds me of the things that motivate me every single day to do better in everything I do!

Bring out the salads, the gym gear, and the exercise machine.

Earlier at the mall, while trying on a dress.

Me: Ate, hindi ko po ma-zipper yung dress. (The dress is a size XL, for Pete’s sake)

Saleslady: Baka kailangan mo na mag-diet.

Me: Pero gusto ko yung dress! Meron pa bang mas lalaki dito?

Saleslady: Check niyo po yung plus-size section.

Okay, this scene earlier at the mall was a huge slap in the face. I really, really, really need to lose weight. I need to go to the gym/play a sport, I need to change my diet, and I need some gym clothes. Weeee. Good luck to me!