Future Shock

I am currently in a state right now where I’m excited to leave the place that I grew up with, and ready to move to the place where I wanted to be all along. In my case, it’s leaving high school, and moving on to college.

My days as a high school student are already counted. After the last few weeks of academics, requirements and graduation, a new chapter called college begins. To be honest, I’m really looking forward to graduating high school and moving on to college, to the point that I’m slacking off right now in school. I’ve been asking people as early as now about their experiences in college, I’ve been receiving advice from my dad and his friends about growing up, and college, and I’ve been laying out my plans for college as early as now (Sadly, I like thinking about my future.), because I’m afraid that I might not make the most of what I have in college. However, as the days are going by, I realized that I  have been too excited about the future, as a lame reason for being scared of the bigger world coming for me. I must have been too closed-minded about the future, while the best thing about being in the future is keeping yourself flexible and open with the opportunities coming at you, which is one thing that high school does not explicitly tell you about dealing with the world outside.  Looking back, despite all of these things, I realized that high school prepares us in a bigger world called college, so it’s important to keep the lessons that you have learned in high school, and apply it in college. Besides, according to Leighton Meester, ” High school is not the end, it is not the best, it is not the only. You will have a whole life afterward, if you`re lucky. If you`re unlucky, then the only thing you`ll ever feel is how fun it is at your prom.”


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