Saturday and Sunday

  • Scolded by Dad early in the morning
  • Went to Ateneo to attend the SOH Open House
  • The first part of the Open House was okay, the tours were the fun part.
  • The new Rizal Lib was too awesome for the senses.
  • The projects of the BFA ID people exhibited outside Leong Hall were so cool!
  • The Art Gallery’s jukebox was mindblowingly epic.
  • Discovered a newfound appreciation for art after visiting the gallery.
  • Met some cool people as the morning went by.
  • Visited UP Technohub with Dad and Tito Simon for lunch.
  • As the lunch progressed, stories, and lots of advice were shared.
  • Decisions were made.
  • And for one last time, Dad gave me one sermon before he played tennis.


  • Woke up early.
  • Ate breakfast (German luncheon meat and eggs)
  • Cleaned my room and the bathroom
  • Dressed up, prepared some things, accidentally left my phone at home.
  • Went to Greenhills with the family, and shopped for Dad’s pasalubong.
  • Salivated for Toms Shoes, striped shirts, and denim shorts throughout the morning.
  • Hated the idea that our parking area was too far.
  • Drank White Chocolate Mocha sans whipped cream.
  • Went to Walter Mart afterwards, and discovered some things about my eating habits.
  • Eschewed Hello Panda for peanuts, with the excuse, “Nasaan yung Hello Panda?”
  • Realized that plain white dresses do not complement my figure. Something in gray, or in cream would be much better for my curvy body.
  • “Studied” for Physics.
  • Tried doing the COL to no avail.
  • Blogged, and blogged.
  • Good morning. (Monday, 12:48 am)

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