The Last Hurrah (Graduation + Seniors’ Ball)

The last two days of my high school life, in photos.


Random Thoughts (March edition)

  • HUHUHU I don’t want to spend our emergency money anymore. I hate the fact that I can be a compulsive shopper/spender. (Wait, is there a term called compulsive spender?)
  • Graduation in 9 days. ;_;
  • Tonight’s episode of Glee looks awesome!
  • New dresses yippee!
  • Will really, really save money na talaga. Sana may abundant supply na lang ng Gift Certificates para guilt-free shopping.

What we have is what goodbye could never show.

Dear 4-C,

First of all, congratulations! We have finally reached our year-long goal. Anyway, I would like to thank you for the awesome school year. Thank you for giving me the chance to meet all of you and share such amazing, life-changing experiences through out the school year. Thank you also for helping me out with so many things, and thank you also for letting me be part of the awesomeness that is 4-C! Anyway, I am going to apologize if I am sometimes weird, paranoid, or even cranky, or even insensitive and selfish. Anyway, I love you guys, and even if we’ve been through a lot, we are still standing strong, and we have each other. Best of luck next week!



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The Last Hurrah (a.k.a. Today’s to-do list)

  • Study for Economics and Physics + then a little Math
  • Fix my room, then fix my reviewers for Lit, Eco, Math, Filipino, and Physics
  • Clean my room some more
  • Study some more
  • Catch up on Lit readings (Super Frog Saves Tokyo, Possession, Ten Little Indians, Passengers, Breakup Diaries, Vagina Monologues, Hills Like White Elephants, The Yellow Wallpaper, Like Water for Chocolate, Metamorphosis, Pygmalion, Stardust)

Summer Days

I finally have a laundry list of things that I’m going to do this summer! Yay. I’m going to make this summer as productive as possible before I enter college. Here’s my list!

  • A summer job! Yes, I need money. I wonder if Fully Booked and Starbucks have summer job openings.
  • Yoga classes/gym sessions. I need to get moving! Or…. instead of going to the gym or attending yoga class… maybe I should try the Zumba workout!
  • Massive summer cleaning!