A Hundred Facts: Big Time Rush

I am back from my blog break, well, at least for now. Here’s another post from my 100 facts meme, and this time, I am going to feature Big Time Rush!

Reasons why I love Big Time Rush:

  • Ang gwapo nila.
  • They made me believe in the power of boy bands again. (I am apologizing for my sudden love of boy bands again, even if it’s so cheesy)
  • They just make for good television.
  • Logan Henderson
  • Logan Henderson

A Hundred Facts: Love-Hate Math

I decided to post a hundred facts about myself on Twitter, and I am going to explain some of the facts I posted on this blog. If I remember right, the first fact I shared would be my love-hate relationship with Math.

You see, I’ve had this love-hate relationship with Math ever since I was a kid. Sometimes, I love Math because I can easily comprehend with the lessons, while most of the time, I am struggling with the lessons, or I am frustrated with the scores I get during Math tests. But over time, I realized that I need to exert more effort to enjoy,  love Math, and minimize my dislike for it.