The weekend, in review.

I would usually describe weekends as something boring, to the point that it is almost routinely, but anyway, I would describe this weekend as somewhat eventful because of the Champions League final.

It was my first time to watch a Champions League final match. For the game,  I was a temporary Red Devil. Just so you know, Manchester United fans are called Red Devils, and I became a temporary Red Devil after Real Madrid lost against Barcelona during the semifinal.  The game went great, but I felt sad when Man United lost against Barcelona in the end. Anyway, Congratulations Barcelona. You deserve it. Haha!

The Last Week of Summer

Today starts the last week of summer vacation for me. Yes, my classes do not start yet on the 13th, but I’m declaring this as my last week of summer because of the school activities next week! I still can’t believe that I am already in college. Anyway, I’m going to make this week as productive as possible by engaging in some reading, fixing, sleeping, and catching up with friends. I also just realized that my week began by watching the Champions League final! Congratulations, Barcelona!

Hair Inspiration: Alexa Chung

Note to self: Homemade hair cuts do not always work.

I love Alexa Chung! I love her style, and her hair. Before I went batshit crazy with the scissors last Wednesday, my inspirations for my next haircut were Elizabeth Olsen, Freja Beha, and Arizona Muse. Now that my hair is short, I decided that Alexa Chung will be my hair inspiration instead!

Movie of The Week: The Hangover

When I first saw The Hangover on HBO, I did not understand the movie. However, when the movie was shown again on HBO, I finally understood what the movie is all about (I suck at this haha), and I am obsessed with the movie already. Zach Galifianakis is just so adorable in the movie, and the Leslie Chow character is such a scene stealer! Just saying.

A month to go before school starts.

  • My school requirements are almost complete. Yay.
  • I need to listen to more rock bands/indie bands, since the Biebs and BTR have taken over my “favorites” list.
  • I need to get my laptop back ASAP.
  • Should I dye my hair, or not?
  • I am so bored. And I am broke.