Idle Tuesday

When I woke up yesterday, I woke up to the news that classes have been suspended in the Ateneo, due to the typhoon. I was actually excited to go to school yesterday, but since classes were suspended, I actually spent my day inside the dorm premises. I spent the day by sleeping, cleaning up, eating, and room-hopping! I also watched some episodes of The Big Bang Theory, and studied Math and Lit. Yay for productivity on a rainy day!

On an unrelated note, let us pray for the people who were affected by Typhoon Pedring yesterday. 😦

The College Playlist

I just noticed that I’ve been posting stuff about music in this blog. I promise that this would be the last, well, at least for this month. Haha. Anyway, here are some of the songs that I’m loving right now:

I just noticed that the songs I like right now are more inclined to dubstep and hip hop. Anyway, I promise I will update this!

Life, In Bullet Points

Hmmm… let’s see.

  • Study, study, study! Less Facebook, less parties, more studying!!
  • I shouldn’t rage easily.
  • I shouldn’t be super affected by what people are saying about me.
  • It’s okay to cry.
  • Keep calm, and don’t forget to stay focused.
  • Pag sinagad ka, maging kupal ka. TANGINA LEA, BA’T ANG BAIT BAIT MO.
  • Balance time and moolah.
  • Allot time for Math. Every fucking day.
  • CHOS.


9Gag and Internet Memes

9Gag is officially one of my favorite websites right now. Why didn’t I discover it early on? WHY. Anyway, here is my favorite meme from 9Gag, as well as this meme that I found on Tumblr.

Anyway, I need to go back to reality now. I need to help out with our group reporting for Lit class. Woohoo! #productive #leggo


As much as I want to finish my homework for English and study for my Filipino long test tomorrow, here I am blogging about random things, and listening to this song on repeat:

Kanye West and Jay Z- Gotta Have It

I have to admit, this is my favorite song from Watch The Throne. And oh, after listening to this song , I think I have memorized it.

Anyway, the semester will be over in a month, and I need to accomplish a LOT of things. And I think hell week is coming. No, correction, make that HELL weeks. Anyway, here are some random pictures to prove that I am still alive, and I am not neglecting this blog after all. (Most of the pictures here are from last month. /sigh)

I took this photo during my birthday! Here are my friends Via and David posing with the Horacio de la Costa statue in school, and my best friend Jow, doing her best attempt to photobomb!

The obligatory best friends photo. AJEJEJE.

This is extremely random, but I love Kirk Long, okay?

At Erika’s birthday party with Aldrin, Erika and Leo!

/I like being random. TEEHEE.