Bonfire 2011

Yes, I found time to post something about the Bonfire last Saturday.

I attended my first (and hopefully not the last) Bonfire as an Atenean. Just so you know, the Bonfire is a tradition in Ateneo where the school celebrates the victory of the different sports teams in the UAAP. This year, the Bonfire celebrated the victories of the Men’s basketball and badminton teams, as well as the victories of the Juniors in swimming and judo (with 7 and 6 straight titles, respectively). Anyway, here are some of the stuff that happened last Saturday:

This was taken during the autograph session with the Blue Eagles. Hi Kirk!

I’ve waited for this for five long (no pun intended) years. Anyway, WHAT IS FANGIRL MOMENT (NG BONGGANG BONGGA):

Me: Hi Kirk! Congratulations!

Kirk: Thank you!

Me: Do you mind if I have my picture taken with you?

Kirk: No problem!

*takes picture*

Me: *sad face*

Kirk: Is the picture bad? You want to have your picture taken again? (non-verbatim)

Me: Sure!

*takes picture*

Me: Thank you!

(p.s. I will update this post with more pictures once I’m done with my exams!!)


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