Thought Catalog, and probably everything else in between.

For the past few weeks or so on Tumblr and Twitter, I’ve been posting random stuff about Thought Catalog. Just so you know, Thought Catalog is an online magazine that tackles all sorts of topics, such as culture, and life in general. But anyway, I like reading articles on this website, especially their articles on life, love, and college. A bunch of articles on I’ve read about life recently made me think about things. Not just about myself, but the things that I engage in, and the people I am with. If you ask me about my favorite articles on Thought Catalog, here’s a list:

Anyway, I think I had fun listing my favorite articles on Thought Catalog. I chose these articles for obvious reasons: One, I’m a college freshman. Two, I’m growing up, and I think in one way or another, I could relate to the articles. And three, so many changes have happened in my life over the past six months (Naks!), and this is an attempt to be sentimental about these changes, by relating articles on Thought Catalog with things that have happened in my life. (HAHAHAHA)


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