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Okay, I just realized that I am very productive at this time of the day.  I mean, this is my third blog entry, and I have finally started on my research paper for English. And I’m reviewing for ES at the same time too! I think I need to stock up on a lot of caffeine, and probably food…so I can survive this week. I also need to declutter my dorm space when I go back there later. (I’ve been holding this off for too long)

Good night.

Random Notes To Self

  • 4 weeks na lang. Straighten up!
  • Stop ranting about ES, and start studying.
  • You’re improving in Ma11 now, so maintain it.
  • Start on your research paper now!
  • Stop skipping classes.
  • Learn to say NO.
  • Repeats: Learn to say NO.
  • Move on, and let go.
  • Get organized.


Last night, I slept at 6 pm…and woke up at 7 am. 13 hours of interrupted sleep. Then this afternoon, I took a nap. Twice. How awesome. It just shows that I’ve been deprived of sleep ever since I went to college. Anyway, off to study for ES. And pull an all-nighter for my research paper. (Even if my dad does not allow me to do one)

Valentine’s Day

Just so you know, I usually spend Valentine’s Day with my friends (since I don’t have an actual Valentine), or I spend it by myself, and have an eating spree. This year’s Valentine’s Day was a bit different. I actually did both! I spent it with my friends (and new ones at that), and had an eating spree!

Now, allow me to share what happened last Tuesday.

My Tuesday started pretty slow. As usual, I left the dorm early, to meet up with my friends for breakfast. Before going to my 9 am class, my friend Via and I saw a guy posting notes on a bunch of lockers! (So sweet.) As usual, I had class. Suddenly, my friend Ria texted me that she’s going to Taft. I asked if I could tag along, and then things sort of snowballed from there. After my Math class, I went to UP to meet up with Ria, and her friends, Rollane and John. We first went to UST, and kind of hung out there. I also saw some of my high school classmates there too! After going to UST, we went to Taft, and had dinner at Bonchon in University Mall! (Rollane, John and I served as support/chaperones for Ria’s “date”)

Rollane, Ria, me, and John!


This picture was taken before or after (?) (not sure) playing Monopoly Deal! And spot me with my new short hairstyle! (More on that in a future post)  Anyway, after having dinner, we played a round of Monopoly Deal, and played Rock Band afterwards! Rock Band actually proved how horrible my reflexes are, and at the same time, showed my horrible singing. (I got 100% after singing Lasso, though). I actually had fun the whole day! Thanks guys! Next time ulit?

Blogging Backlog

Apologies for the lack of blog posts. I’ve been busy with school lately! I’m so sorry! I should really update this blog more often. Anyway, I’m allowed to squeeze a blog entry in between writing papers for my Filipino and Literature classes, right? And as of this writing, I’m about to start on my lab report for my Environmental Science class, so allow me to squeeze in a blog entry (or two).

January went by so quickly, so allow me to post some pictures from last month!

Hello there, David. :)) (And oh look, I still have long-ish hair!) This picture was taken during A-Comm’s Got Talent!

I took this picture during the Ateneo College Fair. It’s quite amusing to see that the trash cans are labeled with memes! I wanted to get the labels though. 😦

Chandra and Via! (They’re not a lesbian couple, by the way.)

With Luis and Clara during Rapture!

Okay, I need to seriously update this blog. I will probably post something about Valentine’s Day later. Haha!