Blogging Backlog

Apologies for the lack of blog posts. I’ve been busy with school lately! I’m so sorry! I should really update this blog more often. Anyway, I’m allowed to squeeze a blog entry in between writing papers for my Filipino and Literature classes, right? And as of this writing, I’m about to start on my lab report for my Environmental Science class, so allow me to squeeze in a blog entry (or two).

January went by so quickly, so allow me to post some pictures from last month!

Hello there, David. :)) (And oh look, I still have long-ish hair!) This picture was taken during A-Comm’s Got Talent!

I took this picture during the Ateneo College Fair. It’s quite amusing to see that the trash cans are labeled with memes! I wanted to get the labels though. 😦

Chandra and Via! (They’re not a lesbian couple, by the way.)

With Luis and Clara during Rapture!

Okay, I need to seriously update this blog. I will probably post something about Valentine’s Day later. Haha!



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