Max and Ruby

Apparently, I have developed an obsession with talking rabbits. Just so you know, Max is really cute, and I think he’s an early inspiration for the trollface meme. Also, I think I’m going to buy two white rabbits on my birthday and I’ll name them Max and Ruby. HAHAHAHA. Enjoy the Max memes I made!


Why I Cut My Hair Short

As far as I can remember, the last time I cut my hair really, really short was when I was six. It was an early version of my hair right now, and during that time, I wished I had my mom’s short hair, since I found her short hair really  cool at that time.

Fast forward to twelve years later, here I am sporting this hairstyle again! I’ll give you a very mainstream answer:  I didn’t go through a breakup or something, I just wanted to try something new for my hair! Just so you know, I have unmanageable, curly hair, and usually, when my hair gets crazy, I usually tie it up. I’ve actually kept my hair like this:

I’ve had trims in between, but I’ve usually kept it like this: Shoulder-length, wavy/curly, and with long bangs. Suddenly, in the middle of February, I decided to cut my hair short. In fact, prior to that, I asked for a trim, but the hairstylist had too much fun with my hair, so I ended up having a terrible bob that reminded me of my hair back in second year high school. Out of the blue, I finally decided to cut my hair short! I didn’t really have anyone in mind as inspiration for my new hair, but suddenly, Emma Watson’s grown-out pixie came to mind, since I can’t do really, really, short hair!

My hair’s actually a bit longer than the one in the picture above, though. Ever since February, I’ve had short hair, and I love it. My friends (well, some of them)  also love it too! Having short hair made me more adventurous in my choices in clothing, and I think my short hair is also a bit of a conversation starter. I also think having short hair made me more comfortable with myself. I leave you now with a picture of myself with short hair.



This is an update.

I really need to update this blog more often. I’m going to have a blogging frenzy here after I write this. I just realized that I haven’t written a bunch of things here! Anyway,  I’ve been busy with school and other things lately, and there are times that I feel that I am too lazy to write. In fact, I got so lazy with updating this blog, that I even considered deleting it! Fortunately,  I finally had the drive to update this blog, since the writing bug finally bit me! So expect more random posts! Hehe.