Finally Legal

I just turned 18! When I was a kid, I looked forward to being an 18-year old. I expected that my 18-year old self would be an independent, mature, and smart version of myself. Fast forward to my now 18-year old self, and looking at myself, I think I’m on my way to being the smart, mature, and independent Lea that I once dreamed of, despite the bumps that come along the way. And why yes, the kid in me likes to pop out once in a while.

Anyway, allow me to digress. Let me share what happened yesterday. It was actually surprising that this week started on a good note for me! It’s actually good starting the day the right way—- being thankful, and being happy for everything.

(warning: another photo-heavy post)

Moving on, here’s a rundown of what happened yesterday:

My friend Chandra made this birthday letter for me last Sunday (the day of my actual birthday). Her birthday message was quite touching. :3 I also passed my Spanish exam and my History reflection paper! The results were not that good, but hey, I passed! Will work even harder!

On the other hand, my friend Jow gave me a copy of One Day! I’m not really, really into romance novels, but I think this book will turn things around. And oh, my best friend is a bit of a psychic: She got me this version of One Day, since I love Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

Finally, I spent the afternoon at Yellow Cab with my friends Chandra, David, Jow and Via! When this picture was taken, Chandra and Jow already left, so I was left with David and Via. We had too much fun with my laptop’s webcam….and I think this is the most decent picture we have.

And I’m ending this post with the Spice Girls’ performance from the closing ceremony of this year’s Olympics!


What I’ve Been Up To (in pictures)

This is obviously a photo-heavy post. Anyway, here are the things that I’ve been up to, according to my webcam and my camera.


I am starting to build my photo wall in my dorm room. I have posted nine pictures so far.


Meet my roommate, Chandra. She’s one of the most awesome people you’ll ever meet!


I finally joined an organization this year (yay for productivity) and it’s quite awesome that David and I are in the same organization 😀


I finally finished my photo wall last night! Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishing something wholeheartedly.

(an attempt to make an About Me post)

I’ve been putting off an About Me post ever since I started this blog, and fortunately, I  finally found the time to actually make one, so here it is:

 My name is Lea. I am seventeen (well, going on eighteen) years old, and honestly, I think this blog is an attempt to conquer my jitters with writing, as well as an attempt to “fix” my short attention span. Anyway, I love music, books, photography, and chocolate chip cookies.