I know change is a good thing, but I don’t know if the changes that I’m going to make are going to be worth it. Sometimes, I would sit in a corner and ponder if these changes that I’m going to make are going to be for my own good (and for the good of others) or I’m just doing it for the sake of pleasing people and whatnot. It’s just really difficult, sometimes. I really need a breather.

I want a getaway.

I want a getaway, an adventure. In short, I want to go to a place where I cannot be bothered, where I can do the things that I want to do. I want to explore so many places, take pictures of beautiful places and beautiful people without interruption. I just want the semester to be over already, so I can plan this getaway/adventure already. 

the rundown

This is basically my life right now, in pictures.

Hello, new baby!

I finally bought this camera as a birthday present for myself. I can’t wait to take more pictures with it! Yay for film photography and its awesomeness.


The day after I got my film camera, I decided to take pictures right away! The past three days were dedicated to taking pictures of everything…and everyone. However, most of the pictures that I took were taken in Ateneo, or in Katipunan, since I was pretty busy and I can’t go out of Katipunan that much. Anyway, I can’t wait to take my camera everywhere and take more pictures


I spent my Wednesday with two of my most amazing friends, Chandra and Jow! Here’s to more Clingy Club adventures (and misadventures).


I’ve been pretty busy lately, that’s why I don’t have much to say about the things that I’m up to right now. Anyway, I can’t wait for the semester to end, since my sembreak is a time to catch up on life and do the things that I love to do.

Life In Film

I have always been enamored by film photography. I don’t know, but there’s always something cool about having your picture taken using a film camera. Whenever I look through old photos, it’s as if there’s a story behind it, and I love how film cameras capture these stories. Whether it be a cool photo of my parents in the 80s, or an old photo of me and my brother, it feels like there is always a story behind it.

I finally jumped into the film photography bandwagon, after years of procrastinating. I would say procrastinating, because I didn’t have the time, the money, and the patience to keep up with a hobby back then. Now that I’m older and wiser about a lot of things, I finally decided to pursue film photography! I was inspired by YourEvilTwin’s approach with film photography, along with some of my peers who got into film photography as well. It’s quite amusing to see that a lot of people are going back to film, and experimenting with it too. I hope to be more experimental with my photos in the future, though.

Anyway, film photography is a beautiful, beautiful kind of art, and a really exciting one at that. I can’t wait to take more pictures and share my photos with the world!