the rundown

This is basically my life right now, in pictures.

Hello, new baby!

I finally bought this camera as a birthday present for myself. I can’t wait to take more pictures with it! Yay for film photography and its awesomeness.


The day after I got my film camera, I decided to take pictures right away! The past three days were dedicated to taking pictures of everything…and everyone. However, most of the pictures that I took were taken in Ateneo, or in Katipunan, since I was pretty busy and I can’t go out of Katipunan that much. Anyway, I can’t wait to take my camera everywhere and take more pictures


I spent my Wednesday with two of my most amazing friends, Chandra and Jow! Here’s to more Clingy Club adventures (and misadventures).


I’ve been pretty busy lately, that’s why I don’t have much to say about the things that I’m up to right now. Anyway, I can’t wait for the semester to end, since my sembreak is a time to catch up on life and do the things that I love to do.


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