On flaunting and hiding

The ever-so awesome Mags, recently got published on Rappler for her article about the challenges of being well-endowed in a society like ours nowadays. Just like her, I’m one of those girls that you would call well-endowed. I also have a hard time choosing what clothes to wear every morning. Also, whenever I drop by my favorite stores to check on clothes, I would really double-check if the clothes that I want to buy would not veer into dowdy or whore territory. Being busty, it would sometimes come across my mind if people get distracted with my boobs. Sometimes, my boobs also become a topic in conversations. Once in a while, I would joke about them, but for the most part, I get annoyed by it. Not only that, but certain stereotypes about busty girls baffle me, to the extent that I would wish that perverts (and other close-minded people) would grow Snooki-like boobs to make them feel about my ordeal (How childish and irrational of me wishing that, but yes, it’s true.).

I guess this struggle will only end if people changed their mindset, or their view of big-breasted women as “easy,” “dumb” or whatever stereotype you could insert here. The problem is, this view about big-breasted women, or breasts in general, will not change for now, or even the near future (since it is ingrained in society for a long time).  I think the best thing that I could do is be respectful of my own body as much as possible.

(note: This blog entry was inspired by this article here.)


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