the almost-180 degree turn

It’s been a while since I last posted anything here. Last semester was a busy time for me—I made sure that I made the second semester as productive as possible, by allotting more time for studying, and surprisingly, org work. Despite having shorter breaks and lesser free time, I was able to study more and help out with org work in between. I realized that this kind of productivity is something that I’ve been longing for the longest time. It’s almost a 180-degree turn for me, since I was used to wasting my free time and procrastinating important work. I’m busy with school, and I’m doing productive things in my free time, which is really good. At the end of the second semester, I got  good grades (probably the highest grades in my college life so far), and I was recently elected as an officer in my org. But despite these achievements, I’m still thinking of what’s going to happen next, or what I want to do next. Sometimes, I want to do everything and try to be the best at it, because I want to prove something to myself or to other people. There are also times that I would think about taking a break, and reassess everything—-my priorities, relationships, and my plans. I know it sounds so dramatic, but at times, I think it’s really necessary to stop for a while and think about things in order to do more. I’m thinking that’s the way things work (or maybe not). Anyway, I’m happy that the summer vacation is actually the good time to do both. I have time to do productive things, and I also have time to be lazy, and do nothing (or think about things) I guess this kind of balance is what I need right now to motivate myself to do better, and think about the important things in life.



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