As much as I want my summer vacation to be productive this year, it’s inevitable that I experience periods of idleness during my summer break. These periods of idleness are actually good, because I get to think things through and plan things. Right now, I am planning and doing a number of things. I started writing on my journal again, I’m doing CoSA work, I’ve been more proactive in taking care of my dogs, and I’m starting to work out again. I’m doing these things not to prove myself, or to please a certain group of people, but I’m doing this for self-improvement. I realized that I should re-evaluate my reasons to do things. I realized that I shouldn’t be constantly trying to prove myself, to compete with my peers just to get affirmation to make myself feel better. Instead, I realized that I should see the things that I’m doing as opportunities for self-improvement. In line with these realizations, I could say that these periods of idleness will help me think about the things that I want to do, and learn some lessons in the process. 


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