Summer 2013 (According To Instagram)

I finally gave in into making an Instagram-related post on this blog. As you may know, the only thing that I’ve been really updating is my Twitter, where I basically share almost everything. However, my Instagram is also a place where I share some of my random moments online. Here are some photos that I posted on my Instagram recently:

Image1. I got my computer back! As of this writing, I am slowly trying to go back into “work” mode—meaning, I’m doing org work and other stuff, such as building my writing portfolio.

2. Image

2. I finally fixed my magazine box! It’s actually pretty refreshing to see that all my magazines are finally organized. And oh, I just realized that my Vogue pile is just as big as the rest of my magazines. Maybe I should get another box to make room for my future magazine haul, or throw out some of them.


3. The neutral-colored top + fancy bottoms combo is a foolproof outfit combination. I’m going to try it soon, by pairing my plain, neutral-colored tops with various bottoms, like my floral skirt and my khaki pants. I’m gonna save up also for a bunch of printed pants and shorts to add in my closet.


4. An old picture of me! I think I was two years old when this photo was taken, and it has been one of my favorite photos ever.


5. I got my first issue of i-D last Saturday. It’s a fairly old issue, but it’s all good nonetheless, because it has Lena Dunham on the cover!


6. I haven’t started on Mad Men, but I got this issue of Newsweek last year with the cast on the cover. Newsweek has done a spectacular job in creating this issue.


7. This is my “I LOVE YOU BEYONCE” Instagram photo.


8. I went to Malaysia two weeks ago, and before leaving Kuala Lumpur, I made sure to take photos of some of the interesting architectural structures there (Spot my favorite, the Petronas Towers).


9. I edited a picture of Max (one of my puppies) using Hubba Hubba, and I turned him into a hipster puppy.

Anyway, this is my summer according to Instagram. If someone were to summarize my summer vacation using my Instagram photos, he/she would say that I spent my summer vacation doing random things, such as rediscovering interesting finds at home, traveling, and “working.” And it’s pretty much accurate.


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