The Intern Life ( A photo diary)

Last semester, I interned for the Lopez Museum as part of my requirements for my Public Relations class. Despite experiencing a few setbacks, my experience as an intern for the Lopez Museum helped me improve my knowledge and skills in the field of public relations, and it also expanded my knowledge about the Philippine art scene. Anyway, during my internship, I took it as a perfect opportunity to document my experience there, surrounded with interesting artworks. Here are some photos that I took during my internship:






The Lopez Museum houses some of the best artworks from best artists in the Philippines, such as Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo. Do visit their latest exhibit called Trajectories. The exhibit is still ongoing, so do drop by! (//shameless plugging but whatever)

Blog Challenge

Since I’m currently taking an introductory class in journalism, I’ve decided to update this blog of mine for at least once a week to brush up on my writing skills. For this challenge, I’ll try to write some reviews, write my personal thoughts on certain things, and write some how-to’s, since I’m not really a writer and I usually have a hard time putting my thoughts all together. I’ll try to practice my writing skills here, so bear with me if I’m a little incoherent at times.