A Few Life Updates

I haven’t written anything decent in the past week, so allow me to post a few life updates (even if they are in bullet points):

  • I FINALLY FINISHED MY INTERNSHIP! I’m not going to say a lot about my whole internship experience (because of certain technicalities), but I’m going to say that I learned a lot during my two-month stint there. I was able to hone new skills, rediscover old passions (hello, blogging!), and meet interesting people in the process.

(I don’t have a lot of pictures from my internship, but the message on this lanyard struck me)

  • One of the television shows that I enjoy right now is Parks and Recreation. I love the characters in the show, especially Ron Swanson. Check out this video featuring some of his best moments here:

  • School is starting in two weeks…and I obviously have very mixed feelings about it. There’s a part of me that’s really excited about it, but there is also another part of me that’s also scared of the future.
  • Speaking of school, I recently enlisted for my classes this coming semester. I got a really interesting mix of classes (and professors), plus my schedule is very manageable because I have a lot of free time! However, I’m going to use my free time to do schoolwork!

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