learning how to be kind to myself, part 1

      I think one of the reasons why I’m being unkind to myself is that I’m a people-pleaser with a constant need to prove everyone wrong. Ever since I was little, I’ve always had this need to please the people around me, while trying to quell their wrong impressions or judgments. I’ve always longed for acceptance from people, which is why I’ve compromised so many things about myself just so I can belong or fit in to their ideal. At the same time, I’ve been exhausting myself just to prove other people wrong, even if it’s unnecessary. It’s as if I’m letting my insecurities and unnecessary anxieties grow on me, just so I can prove to people that they are wrong about me, even if I don’t need to. I’m just stopping myself from growing into my own person, and I should learn how to let my unnecessary anxieties and insecurities not get in the way of my goals in life. I have wasted so much time and energy entertaining negative thoughts and processing them and the only things that I want to do are just to move forward and achieve my dreams. 



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