Last Stretch

Earlier this afternoon, my thesis adviser e-mailed me about our second semester syllabus for thesis class. The e-mail’s subject read: “SYLLABUS FOR 2ND SEMESTER. Our last stretch to GRADUATION!” His e-mail was probably the fifth sign (of many) that the upcoming semester will be my last (HOPEFULLY!!! —- and I’m really pushing for it to be the last) semester in college, and that I only five months to give everything that I’ve got.

My journey in college was a slow, uphill battle. My first four semesters (including summer class) in college were all about adjusting to college life and finding balance. My grades were really low, and that I prioritized fun over my academics. On the other hand, my friends and other peers were getting good grades (HEY, I USED TO GET GOOD GRADES TOO — in high school).  It also didn’t help that my benchmarks (at that time) were people who were barely passing their classes, and that I didn’t really engage in extracurricular activities to further hone my skills (and determine my strengths and weaknesses!). As a result, my self-esteem got hurt really badly. Fortunately, I was able to get out of that funk. I eventually got better grades in succeeding semesters, surrounded myself with motivated, hardworking, and disciplined people, and eventually set higher standards for myself. I also joined a few organizations to keep myself productive. My dad and my friends eventually took notice, and I slowly regained my confidence.

But sometimes, I would doubt about these changes I’ve made in my life. I would sometimes think that these changes were meant to prove other people wrong, and not to further improve myself. Yes, I was able to turn my life around in one way or another by getting decent grades and whatnot, but am I doing it because I want to prove other people wrong and keep up with their achievements? Or do I work hard for everything that I do, because I want to learn about a lot of things and eventually take these lessons to real life because I want to improve my life and give my life more meaning?  However, along the way, I learned that self-improvement does not only involve working hard for what you want, it’s also about learning and accepting your shortcomings, and being able to listen.

I’m so sorry if I’ve digressed from my actual point, but to be honest, I’ve spent the last few months overthinking a lot of things, particularly about my college life. Maybe there’s a voice in my head that’s telling me that I’ve wasted a good part of my college life, and that I have to compensate in one way or another, but I would like to brush it off and see that my journey throughout college was worthwhile. Anyway, my last semester in college will start in a couple of days, and I really plan to make it as worthwhile as possible. I’ll really try to give everything that I’ve got, because it really is the last stretch. There’s no more time to dwell on past mistakes, but there’s always time to move forward and grow. Ugh I’m not making sense anymore so I’ll just stop here.

Quick Post: Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lipsticks

Taking a break from all the ~~*feelsy*~~ posts with this quick beauty review about Happy Skin’s Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lipsticks (Php 499 each for the permanent lipstick range/Php 549 for the limited edition collections)!  As much as I want to enumerate the reasons why I love Happy Skin’s lipsticks, I think the mere fact that I’ve bought three lipsticks from the brand in a span of four months says a lot about how much I love them. Anyway, here are my picks from Happy Skin’s lipstick range:

L-R: Honeymoon Glow, Crushing on You, The Morning After
L-R: Honeymoon Glow, Crushing on You, The Morning After

Being a fan of MLBB/nude lipsticks, I obviously picked out the most natural-looking lipsticks from their line, which are Honeymoon Glow, Crushing on You, and  The Morning After.  All of these shades are great for everyday use. In fact, these lipsticks are already staples in my makeup bag. Moving on, here are some thoughts regarding the shades I’ve picked:

  • Crushing on You –  I see Crushing on You as my true MLBB; when I put it on, it closely matches my natural lip color. In contrast to Honeymoon Glow and The Morning After, I have to put two to three swipes of this lipstick in order for the color to fully appear. But despite this little issue, I see Crushing On You as the most wearable color.
  • Honeymoon Glow-  Honeymoon Glow can sometimes look too red on me, that’s why I only put one to two swipes of it. Whenever I tell my best friend that Honeymoon Glow is a nude/MLBB lipstick, she would sometimes do a double take because it sometimes come off as a little too red for everyday wear. However, I recently discovered that if you mix Crushing on You with Honeymoon Glow, it becomes more muted. If you ask me about wear time, it lasts one me for about 4-5 hours.
  • The Morning After-  The Morning After was my go-to lipstick for two months, until I bought Honeymoon Glow. In fact, this was the first lipstick I bought from Happy Skin! I love how it brightens up my face.  I just wish that they included The Morning After in their permanent range though, considering that it was the go-to MLBB lipstick for many women out there.

Given these mini-reviews, I am still a fan of Happy Skin’s lipsticks. My experience with the brand has been generally pleasant, and I see myself purchasing more products from them in the future! In fact, I am actually saving up for their Forbidden Fruit Lippie Collection, which I’ll probably be splitting up with Jow and Chandra during the Christmas season. Anyway, I would like to think that my level of self-control towards purchasing lipstick is still pretty high, but who could say no to nice, flattering, high-quality lipsticks? Hehe.