7 Things I Learned From Parks & Recreation `

Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite television shows, next to How To Get Away With Murder and The Newsroom. While I do admit that I haven’t watched the first five seasons of the show, the last two seasons of the show gave me enough reasons to love it. Along the way, I’ve also picked up some valuable lessons from the series, which is an obvious sign that Parks and Rec has grown on me. Now that the show is about to end, allow me to share seven life lessons I picked up from the show:


Whether you’re down or you’re in a celebratory mood, don’t forget to treat yo self. But treating yourself is not just limited to buying fancy things, it’s also about taking care of yourself.

2. It’s perfectly okay to be weird (and hate on everything in the process).

April Ludgate is probably my spirit animal. She blurts out the most random and inappropriate things, and never gives a fuck about them. The most important lesson here: just be you.

3.  Breakfast food is the ultimate quick fix to life’s problems. 

If all else fails, go to the nearest restaurant that serves breakfast food 24/7. Everything will be alright.

4. Give everything you’ve got. 

Ron Swanson said it best. Find something that you love, and give everything that you’ve got.

5. Treasure the people you love. 

Ann and Leslie’s bestfriendship is something that’s worth emulating. Sure, they have pursued separate paths already, but despite the distance, they continue to support each other in every way imaginable. And that includes texting your best friend every thirty seconds to remind her that she’ll be fine.

6. Trust your instincts (but guide them properly!!). 

Note to self.

7. It’s okay to mix up pop culture references (and not care). 

Ron Swanson does NOT give a fuck about popular culture…because he IS his own popular culture. It sounds a little vague, but here’s my point: you don’t need to be totally in the loop about everything, because it can dizzying at times.

All in all, Parks and Recreation is one of the few television shows that really made a mark on me. Sure, I’ve picked up a love for meat and breakfast food because of Ron Swanson, and I’ve learned how to embrace my weirdness because of April, the show has also taught me how to love myself, and treasure the people I love. Yes I sound extremely cheesy, but when you become emotionally invested in something, there’s no way to contain your feelings (especially when your favorite things are about to leave).