Intentional Blogging

“I finally posted something on my blog again! Yay!”, is my default expression when I get the opportunity to post something on my blog, after months of failing to post something on a regular basis. Year in and year out, I’ve been reminding myself to post on this blog regularly–probably on a weekly basis. And despite these reminders, I still fail to do so.  Maybe it’s because my attention span is glued to Kim Kardashian Hollywood, or I let real life take over my blogging schedule, that’s why I don’t get to blog as much. Or I sometimes let my perfectionist tendencies take over. Either way, I’ve become a flaky blogger (and writer) in the process.

But in hindsight, my flakiness has given me more time to be a little more selective with how I craft my blog entries now and in the near future. Yes, I’ll still post beauty-related entries in this blog, but I want my other entries (a.k.a. non-beauty entries) to be a little more self-aware and honest in the process. In addition, I also want to be a little more consistent in writing my blog entries.  I will implement a blogging schedule, wherein I’m going to release new blog entries thrice a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). I guess that’s a good way to plot out time for improving my writing. We’ll see. I just hope that this exercise will motivate me to write more and to write smarter.


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