What I’ve Been Up To

I have a confession to make: My Twitter feed is pretty active, but I have been neglecting my blog again, despite writing this post about trying to be more active in blogging after months of not posting. I am so, so, sorry.

Anyway, the reason why I went lie low with my blogging is because real life happened (well, somewhat happened). I’ve been trying my best to spend less time on the internet, and I’ve been making an effort to engage in more real-life activities, such as applying for a job or learning how to cook. In addition to a few real-life activities, I’ve been taking management classes. I don’t want to say much about it, but after 10 days of learning different concepts in management (problem solving, decision-making, accounting, economics), I think I’ve got a fairly good grasp of how businesses work and how to manage these businesses. Aside from the technical know-how I picked up from these classes, I also learned a bunch of life lessons along the way, such as making decisions more systematically. Hmmm…what else? I have also been indulging a few movies and books, such as Ernest and Celestine, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Miranda July’s No One Belongs Here More Than You, respectively, while alternating alone time and hangout sessions with my friends.

I guess I’m starting to embrace the ins and outs of real life instead of watching it unfold in front of my computer screen. Embracing and participating in real life also means not freaking out about things on social media and confronting life head-on. And to be honest, I am starting to like this transition.


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