If you’ve been reading my blog and have noticed the flurry of #hugot, personal posts, it’s because I’ve doing some emotional unloading over the past few weeks. For the longest time, I felt that I have been a prisoner of my past for too long and that I’ve been holding grudges that are unnecessary, and that I needed to address them in a way that I find best—by writing.

Case in point, there are times where I still feel like I have to avenge myself from the people who bullied me before. Most of the time, I feel like with everything that I do, I have to prove everyone wrong. Also, there are times where I dwell too much on painful childhood experiences, and use it as an excuse to sabotage my chance at happiness. I realized that these things are wrong and that I shouldn’t be cynical about my own future. Also, I have to remind myself that everything that I’ve done/I’ve been doing/I’m about to do is for my own growth, and not for the approval of anybody else.

From this point on, I am going to move forward and start healing. I am going to believe in myself more, and I will dedicate everything that I do to the pursuit of personal growth. I guess this unloading process is just what I need, so that I can finally heal and move forward from the past.


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