Current Beauty Favorites (Part 1)

Officially ending the #hugot posts streak with a beauty-related blog post. I think I owe it to myself (and to my lurkers) that I have to give my feelings a break, and that I have to move forward  and do something that I actually enjoy—- which is writing about beauty!

Now that I am writing something about beauty, allow me to share the beauty products that I have been loving over the past few weeks/months. Choosing these products was a fairly easy decision to make, since the products that I’m going to mention this entry are the ones that I reach for quite often. Anyway, here’s a rundown of my current beauty favorites (so far):

Hair & Skincare 

Dove Daily Hair Vitamins- I’ve said it once on my Twitter account and I’ll say it here: this product is a life-changer.  Ever since I started using the Dove Daily Hair Vitamins, my hair has become softer and more manageable. Although it’s a very cliche thing to say about hair products that claim to be miracle workers, this product lives up to the hype and its claims. I love this product so much that I sometimes end up going through one pack in three days. That’s how much I love Dove’s hair vitamins (and other products!).

PureDerm Collagen Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes- This product turned me to a cleansing wipe convert. I love these cleansing wipes because they really take out some of the toughest makeup products (looking at you, waterproof eyebrow pencil and mascara) while giving your skin the additional nutritional boost that it needs. In addition, these wipes smell really good too.

Garnier Light Complete White Express Whitening Serum Cream– Just so you know, I use whitening creams for my acne scars. I use this cream to lighten the acne scars on my face because I tend to have dark scars after I get pimples— and that’s not good. I love this cream because you can see visible results quickly. Ever since I started using this,  my acne scars have lightened and reduced significantly.


Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream in Beige– I forgot to include it in the photo above, but this BB cream is probably the best base product that I have tried. It has very good skincare properties (it has SPF 30 and other vitamins, by the way), it gives a natural, skin-like finish, and it is safe to use for sensitive skin. It also helps that the shade Beige is a good match for my skin tone too.

Essence Stay Natural Concealer in Soft Honey- I’m not going to lie that it took me quite some time to get used to this concealer. I eventually grew to like this concealer after I used a different method of application. I realized that this concealer gives a more natural finish if I apply the product using my fingers, rather than using the brush applicator. Out of all the different concealers that I have, this is the one that I reach for the most because it closely matches  my skin tone and it is pretty handy to carry because it’s in pen form.

Maybelline White Superfresh Powder Foundation in Sand Beige- This is my holy grail powder foundation. Long-lasting, comfortable, and affordable? YES PLEASE. I don’t really have much to say because it’s very good.

Nichido Mineral Eye Pencil in Walnut – This is an old favorite of mine. Even though I have tried other eyebrow pencils from other brands such as Etude House, this is the one that works best on me. Not only is it a good match with my hair color, it also gives my eyebrows a natural, defined look. I just wish that this eyebrow pencil came in a retractable pen form so that there will be less product wastage.

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara- I bought this mascara during a recent trip to Japan.  When I bought this mascara, I just bought it out of necessity. Little did I know that this mascara was praised by beauty gurus like Liz of Project Vanity and Ingrid Nilsen of Miss Glamorazzi. Unsurprisingly, I actually agree with them that this mascara is good stuff. It curls and separates lashes very well, it’s waterproof, and it’s long-lasting. Because this mascara is practically immune from the different elements, you need an oil-based makeup remover or baby oil to take it out. But nonetheless, I like this mascara a lot.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Curviest Caramel- This lipstick easily became a  favorite of mine because of its moisturizing properties and gorgeous color. It’s a gorgeous pinky-peach-nude that looks great with different skin tones. It’s a very good MLBB/nude shade, and it can easily pass up as a sheerer, more comfortable dupe for Happy Skin’s Crushing on You lipstick.

Happy Skin x StyLIZed by Liz Uy Shut Up and Kissed Me Moisturizing Lippie in Style Icon- If you have seen my previous posts, you can easily tell that I am a huge fan of Happy Skin’s lip products (I already have FIVE lipsticks from them!!). This lippie is my favorite from the Happy Skin x Liz Uy collection because of its gorgeous pinky-nude color that works for different skin tones.

ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia- Because I still can’t afford Nars’ Laguna/Orgasm Blush/Bronzer duo, I had to settle for this drugstore dupe. I like this blush/bronzer duo (especially the bronzer!!) because it gives me a glow that makes me look ~~fabulous and healthy~~. To be honest,  this is one of the makeup purchases that need some getting used to, but I suggest that you get this blush/bronzer duo if you are starting out with makeup.

So, these are my current beauty picks! I’m actually pleased with the products that I’ve chosen, and I am also happy that I got these products at really, really good products. On a side note, I just wish that the Happy Skin x Liz Uy lipstick collaboration would be part of Happy Skin’s permanent range.




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