Notes on Master of None

(warning: there might be some spoilers ahead)

Is it too brave of a declaration to say that Aziz Ansari’s Master of None is a must-watch television show for millennials? With popular culture riding on the millennial wave, it’s easy to get lost and be confused with the numerous references and experiences of the millennial generation. However, with Master of None, millennials will probably have an easy time to relate to the numerous references and experiences of the characters in the show.

The show is centered around Dev (played by Aziz Ansari), a 32-year old actor who is navigating his life around New York City, while juggling his career and several relationships. In the series, viewers will meet Dev’s friends, his parents, and his love interest, and how his relationships with these people affect his life.  At the same time, viewers will also discover how Dev navigates his career— especially in the aspect of race.

What makes Master of None decidedly different from similarly-themed shows is that it’s deliberate in depicting thought-provoking topics, while making it digestible for the viewers to understand it. For example, the episode “Ladies and Gentlemen” tackles the inequality between men and women at work, and how women constantly face the danger of potential sexual predators around them. The episode also shows how we (women and men) can be feminists in our own ways. In this case, Dev showed his support for his female co-stars by giving them the spotlight in the TV commercial that they are working on, after he expressed concern that the women in the commercial are being used for eye candy. On the other hand, the episode “Parents” is a funny, refreshing take on understanding our parents’ struggles and victories. The episode comically depicts the struggles and hardships of Dev and Brian’s immigrant parents, in order to provide Dev and Brian the comforts that they are experiencing in the present. This episode will make you rethink how we view our relationships with our parents, and how their struggles can help us appreciate them better.

Aside from these thought-provoking topics, the show celebrates its uniqueness through the its depiction of food. The show is a feast for foodies everywhere, with numerous mentions and tacos and pasta for viewers to be excited about. In addition, food in Master of None has been a force in building relationships between the different characters in the show.

When it comes to the millennial experience, Master of None depicts how technology has influenced the millennial generation navigate and face life. The show also depicts Dev’s indecisiveness about his future, and his indecisiveness towards his relationships. The indecisiveness, and the increasing reliance on technology are two characteristics that have shaped the millennial generation. As a millennial writing this, we have tools like the internet and social media to show us the numerous options that we can have in order to go where we are supposed to be, but every single day, the choices being presented to us through these mediums have made it more difficult for us to ultimately decide on the path that we want to take.

As a final verdict, Master of None is an offbeat, earnest, and heartwarming show that engages its viewers to rethink and re-evaluate their relationships and life decisions, while enjoying a taco and a glass of iced tea (or a helping of carbonara).



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