2015 Lifestyle and Pop Culture Favorites

Happy new year, everyone! Kicking off the new year with a list of my favorite things from pop culture and lifestyle in 2015. Check out what I came up with:

  • Film
    • I may seem like I’m cheating with this choice, but Honor Thy Father was my favorite film of 2015. I watched it at the tail end of December (which was around less than a week ago, mind you), but nevertheless, I thought that this film deserved to be a year-end favorite of mine. The visuals, the acting, and the story are on point.
    • As for honorable mentions, Inside Out and  Heneral Luna were two of the films that I also really liked  in 2015.
  • TV
    • Master of None, Empire (season 1) and Parks and Recreation (season 7) are three of of my favorite international television shows in 2015. I don’t really have much to say about these shows, except that I enjoyed them very much…and I want Aziz Ansari to be my (fictional) boyfriend.


  • Books
    • My favorite books for 2015 are Patti Smith’s Just Kids and Regina Brett’s God Is Always Hiring.Again, I may be cheating with these choices, since I read these books only last December.  Just Kids is Patti Smith’s memoir about her relationship with the artist Robert Mapplethorpe. What I liked about the book was how Patti shared her relationship with Robert, and how the book is a tale of friendship and unconditional love. On the other hand, God Is Always Hiring is a book that I picked up and finished in one go. Although this book is categorized as self-help, I think this book is more of an inspirational one, due to Regina Brett’s experiences with her faith, as mentioned in the book (Regina Brett mentioned Jesuits! Yay!). Anyway, what I loved about this book is how her essays encourage readers to find  fulfillment in work. Aside from her encouraging words, what got me hooked to this book was how she is not too preachy about building a better relationship with God in the midst of working. I might have said a mouthful, but these books were the ones that I genuinely enjoyed and loved (and read in one go).
  • Food and Drinks
    • My favorite meals in 2015 were Recovery Food’s sisig, my dad’s homemade carbonara, and Army Navy’s bacon breakfast platter.
    • As for drinks, I have been enjoying drinking tea and coffee a lot, and I alternate them from time to time. My favorite coffee beverages are the flat whites from Local Edition and Toby’s Estate, and the Dark Matter Theory from The Curator, while my favorite tea is Lipton’s Clear Green Tea. However, I have been straying away from coffee, since it hasn’t been helpful in alleviating my stress.
  • Places/Memories
    • I’ve mentioned this in a separate blog entry, but I really enjoyed my trip to Tokyo last May. 6 days was not enough to cover all bases.
    • Favorite memories? Graduation day, my first day at work (surprise!), and meeting Martha, my pet cat for the first time.
  • YouTube!!!
    • 2015 was the year where I discovered the bottomless pit called YouTube (just kidding). But in all honesty, 2015 was the year where I discovered YouTube as a helpful resource for finding new hobbies and learning new skills. Anyway, here’s a list of my favorite YouTube personalities and channels in 2015:
      • Saturday Night Live’s official YouTube channel (for the sketches!)
      • Ingrid Nilsen (for beauty/lifestyle tutorials, insightful videos)
      • Hannah Hart (for food porn, and her sense of humor)
      • Estee Lalonde (for beauty/lifestyle videos— and Estee’s overall aesthetic is #GOALS)
      • Jim Chapman (Baking With Jim!!)
      • i-D magazine’s official YouTube channel

And that’s my roundup of lifestyle and pop culture favorites! I know the writing is a bit rambly and incoherent, so I apologize for that. I hope you enjoyed my list!



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