In Between Dreams


It’s strange to talk about one’s dreams and goals in life, especially when you are getting older. When I was a lot younger, I was very open about sharing mine. I wanted to write and work for a magazine, establish an art and culture collective for Create disadvantaged youths, set up my own bookstore/cafe, travel the world, and be financially stable and successful.

Unfortunately, I haven’t fully pursued those dreams yet. I have yet to take baking and cooking classes, write for a major magazine, and I still don’t have the funding to establish the creative collective at the moment. Right now, I am doing what I can to learn about the world that I am in, and develop the appropriate skill sets and attitudes that come with my current circumstances. In addition, I have to get over a flurry of personal issues that are getting in the way. Despite my current set-up, I am still hanging on to these dreams, while building new ones as I go along. Allow me to share some of them:

  1. Own a pet shelter. I grew up with animals, and having them around would relax and uplift me. I want to be able to help ease the emotional troubles of others through pets.
  2. Pursue further studies in creative writing (specifically creative non-fiction), or journalism. Although I have taken several courses in writing back in university, I still want to further improve on this skill. I want to be able to write compelling and engaging lifestyle pieces in the near future, and I honestly think that these writing classes would give me a boost.
  3. Work at an art gallery. I secretly blame Girls, Vogue, and my previous internship at a museum for fuelling this dream of mine, but it would be a fun experience to immerse myself in art history and culture 24/7.
  4. Write and develop my own comedy series for Philippine TV. This is a long shot, but I really, really want to develop a comedy series about Filipino millennials in the future.

I know that I still have dreams to build as I go along, but writing about these dreams made me realize not to give up, especially during these challenging times. The lesson here is that building your dreams is just as important as achieving them, so don’t give up and have faith in them— even if they are big or small.


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