Still Figuring It Out

Ever since the beginning, I’ve always wanted to become a writer. I wanted to write features, essays, short stories, and comedies. However, when I was still in school, my fear of failure (and criticism) took over, and I stopped writing for a long time. It was only during the last stretch of my senior year in college where I discovered that I truly love writing. I want to continuously get better at it, to the point where I want to pursue it full-time.

However, given my family’s socio-economic status, pursuing a career as a full-time writer is something seen as an unpractical choice. While my father believes in my skill and potential as a writer, he thinks that this skill could be put off to more practical uses. In other words, he wants me to get a job that could render me self-sufficient. It’s a good thing, though, since it’s difficult (and grossly embarrassing) to be constantly dependent on your parents. But still, there are days where I think (and feel) that my creative spirit and temperament is constantly being eaten up alive, and that I needed to look for a job (and an outlet) that would be a better fit for me.

One day, the right job and the right opportunities will come. Better days will come.




Best Meal Ever?

One of the writing prompts that I found on Man Repeller’s Writers’ Club was to write a 500-word piece about the best meal that I ever had. As a self-proclaimed hungry girl, it’s very difficult to decide on the meal that I would gladly call as the “best meal ever,” since I’ve encountered a lot of great dishes over the years. More so, I needed to come up with a criteria of sorts to justify the reason why I chose a certain dish to be the best meal that I ever had. Questions such as, “Is the dish something worth going back to?”,”Does the dish give me a huge smile on my face?”, and “Is the dish worth paying for?” are just some of the questions that have guided me in choosing some of my favourite dishes. Given these guide questions, I came up with a shortlist of my favourites: the sisig from Recovery Food, the Bacon Breakfast platter from Army Navy, the Salisbury steak from Pancake House, and my dad’s homemade bacon and mushroom carbonara.

After much deliberation, I finally settled on choosing Army Navy’s Bacon Breakfast Platter as the best meal that I’ve ever had. I know it’s unhealthy, but it’s just so damn good. It has been my comfort food at work, and I love how it has become my mood-booster on seemingly depressing work days. Anyway, the dish consists of fairly simple ingredients: fried rice, fried egg, longganisa, and bacon. The ingredients mentioned are already breakfast staples in households, but when you combine these all in one dish, you will be immediately transported into your home during breakfast. For this dish, I would consider the stars of the dish would be the bacon and the longganisa because of the salty-smoky flavour that these viands provide. In my case, this dish reminds me of breakfast chats with my dad at home during the weekends. It’s just so comforting, especially on days where you feel like crap.

However, given the calorie content and the health hazards brought upon by this dish, it is obviously not advisable for daily consumption. I do suggest that you eat it on days where you feel very hungry and sad, or when you feel like you deserve it. Anyway, if you do eat it, enjoy it while you can, and maybe get an extra helping of egg (or two).




Life Pegs: Leandra Medine

It is no secret that Leandra Medine is one of the many people that I look up to. Aside from my father and my closest friends, I consider Leandra Medine to be the model for the type of creative life that I would like to emulate. In case you do not know her, she is an author, podcast host, fashion icon, and the founder and proprietor of that little fashion blog called Man Repeller.

Anyway, the top reason why she is one of my life pegs is because of her writing style. Her writing is humorous, self-aware, honest, and engaging. In a blog entry called “Why I Don’t Wear Makeup,” Leandra candidly shared the reason why she refuses to wear makeup. The piece was a love letter in being comfortable in one’s skin, especially in this day and age where women experience some form of pressure to look their best— especially in a field where looks matter. After reading this piece, it made the makeup fan/hoarder in me realize that it is perfectly okay to go bare-faced or wear a full face of makeup— just as long as I am okay on the inside. In addition, the piece also made me come to terms with my messy, wavy hair, large nose, and dark under-eye circles. This piece showed her honesty and candor, and that is something that I found admirable from her, and other writers as well.

Self-love and humor aside, another reason why I love Leandra Medine is because she is such an entertaining interviewer and compelling podcast host! If you watch her interviews with fashion icons and all-around cool people such as Iris Apfel, the Haim sisters, Jenna Lyons, and Ines de la Fressange, I think she was the only interviewer that I knew that made Danielle Haim talk for a solid minute. In addition, her Monocycle podcast is honest and engaging. Although this podcast of hers is fairly new, the topics that she discussed in this podcast are quite hard-hitting and personal, in a sense that listeners could strike a chord with the things that she talked about, such as dealing with confidence, embracing vulnerability, and putting a halt to self-sabotage. One day, I hope to be as articulate and as engaging as her whenever I talk to an audience.

Last but not the least, another reason why I look up to Leandra Medine is because of her determination and passion towards Man Repeller as a resource for fashion, lifestyle, and creativity. When Leandra Medine initially started Man Repeller, she used it as an avenue to express her personal style, and that she believed that being a “man repeller” meant expressing your own style freely, without immediately confining yourself to certain trends or societal norms. Over the years, Man Repeller has gained the attention of numerous style publications (both print and online), and a strong social media following on Twitter and Instagram. Because of its subsequent growth and influence, Man Repeller has transformed into a full-fledged fashion and lifestyle site. Leandra Medine’s vision to create an authentic, inclusive platform for women who share a passion similar with Man Repeller is something worth looking up to, and I hope to create a platform that allows young people to share their interests, feelings, thoughts, aspirations, and passions— without any judgments.

Geez, I have a lot to say about Leandra Medine. But to put it simply, she is an awesome woman that young women like me can look up to, especially in the field of creative self-expression. I hope her blog will continue to inspire and compel young women (and girls) to be comfortable in their own skin, live creatively, and have fun with life.




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You can learn more about Leandra Medine on, and you can subscribe to her Monocycle podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud. 

I Found A Writing Challenge!

…and it’s all thanks to Man Repeller’s Writers Club. Anyway, I finally decided to take on a proper writing challenge to exercise my writing skills. For the next three months, I will be writing about certain topics based on writing prompts inspired by Man Repeller’s Writers Club. It’s excitingggggg.