Life Update #9999

Hello there! I am so, so, so, sorry  if I haven’t been writing as much here lately. If I recall correctly, I remember being adamant about practicing my writing and laying some ~~*groundwork*~~ for it, as far as I’m concerned. In my previous entries, I mentioned doing the writing prompts from Man Repeller’s Writers Club so I can exercise my writing skills for the next three months. Unfortunately, life happened. But then again, this entry is not really all about my struggles with writing, but rather, a general life update of sorts.

Work and Life, In General 

  • Last month, I decided to quit my job at the advertising agency that I worked for. The advertising industry may be imperfect, but it paved the way for great innovations that would help humanity move forward. The reason why I got interested in advertising was because of my experience with my university’s advertising organization and my senior thesis. I was inspired by a beverage company’s advertising campaigns and how much humanity was brought into them. I wanted to be one of those people who would create those thought-provoking and inspiring campaigns, which is why I joined the advertising/media industry with that purpose. I also wanted to prove myself in a way that I wanted to be able to parlay my creativity and writing skills into something else. As much as I wouldn’t want to go into detail about my experiences at work, my time there was telling me that this industry wasn’t really meant for me, or at least the job that I was doing. It made me realize that I was always a writer (and a reader) and that I shouldn’t give up on them like what I did before. Of  course, this decision disappointed my dad, his friends, and even some of my friends, but I realized that this decision would be for my own good more than anything else. Despite everything, I am more than grateful for the mentorship that I’ve received, as well as the friends and acquaintances that I’ve made.
  • After quitting my job, I started to learn more things about myself— and I am starting to become more comfortable with truths that I used to be uncomfortable with. One, is that I have to live through the reality that not all the people who love me will be comfortable with my decision to quit my day job and pursue a career path that I’m better suited for. Another truth that I am starting to be comfortable with is the fact that my weirdness need not be tamed just so I can be accepted by other people. People will accept me for who I am anyway, and not on some certain condition or quality.
  • On the topic of weirdness, I recently stumbled upon an article on Lenny about accepting one’s weirdness, and dealing with the world’s reaction to it. The article hit close to home for me, in a sense that I was the weird girl, and that my late mother was the one narrating her experiences on how the world reacted to my weirdness back then. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who is a lot different from my peers; I read a lot of books, behaved and processed things differently, and had interests that weren’t really accepted by many. Needless to say, I was almost always the one identified as that back then, to the extent that some of my closest friends felt ashamed of me back in high school.
  • But then again, things have gotten better. I guess it comes with maturity and experiencing things beyond your comfort zone. However, what I cannot accept beyond the life of me is that no matter how we encourage and empower others to accept their own uniqueness, we are the same people that still curtail it.


  • After I left my job, I decided to get a head start in writing. When the year started, I made it one of my personal goals to actively pursue my writing dreams. Whether it’s by writing regularly on my blog or getting a writing gig, I am down for it. Fortunately, I got contacted to write for Philihappy, which is an online magazine. The stuff that I’ve been writing for them is a happy mix of beauty and entertainment articles, but I will be branching out to more topics soon. The platform is a great place to learn more about the Philippines and see its beauty. You can read my stuff here, but do check out the articles of the other contributors there too! I’m glad to be contributing for them, and I am beyond excited to grow with them too.
  • Now that I am doing contributor work for Philihappy, what will I do with this blog? I realized that I only post here when I feel like it, and I’ve been apologizing profusely every time I fail to do so. However, I was able to contribute 10 articles in March and April for Philihappy, which just shows that if I commit to something, then I can do it. I should do more or less the same thing with my blog too, by writing at least 1 entry per week.

Reading Goals 

  • Another personal goal that I’ve made this year was to read more books. I made this goal as an attempt to improve my processing and reading comprehension skills, because my attention span has become really, really short, and I’ve had a processing problem that I never really knew about. Aside from these reasons, I’ve always known that reading more gives a sense of accomplishment, especially during this day and age.
  • I mentioned in a previous entry that I was able to read four books last January and February. Last month, I wasn’t able to finish a book because, well, life happened. (Hector and the Search for Happiness was supposed to be my book of the month last March) However, I’m happy to say that I’m back to doing some reading again. This month, I’ve decided to read Francois Lelord’s Hector and the Search for Happiness and Lisandro Claudio’s Basagan ng Trip. So far, I’ve been enjoying Basagan ng Trip quite a lot.
  • Aside from books, I’ve also been spending an inordinate amount of time reading articles from online magazines (and other websites), such as Rookie and Lenny. I do like reading Rookie more though because the content feels more empowering to read, but both publications are great nonetheless.

And that’s it for some life updates! I will check in again in a few days to write about certain things. It feels great again to write and do the things that I’ve always wanted to do, even if this feeling will not last for a very long time. However, I still remain optimistic that I will continue to love writing.



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