One of the things that I keep forgetting to mention here is my cat, Martha. You may have seen her on my social media accounts, but I haven’t really written anything about her at length, so I’m sharing some details about her here.

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The Sunday Currently #1


Just started on Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s already the tail end of May, and I have yet to catch up on the books that I’ve been meaning to read this month. However, I’ve been reading a lot of articles from various publications too, such as the longform piece on Blac Chyna and the Kardashians, as well as the profile on presidential (ugh, it’s becoming more permanent now) son Baste Duterte. Both pieces are compelling, fascinating reads.


This entry, plus a few pieces for Philihappy.



I’ve been listening to a lot of hip-hop lately, particularly Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book mixtape and the Hamilton soundtrack.

(P.S.: this song is my top pick from Coloring Book)


About tomorrow’s job interview, and my writing portfolio.


Peppermint tea.


Improved self-confidence, better poise, social skills, a better Philippines, and more writing opportunities.


That tomorrow’s job interview will go well, and that I can balance my day job with writing gigs if I get in.


An old shirt from college, and my brother’s shorts.


Peppermint tea, my new Maybelline Rosy Mattes lipstick in Salmon Pink (which is a beautiful pinky nude that can be a dupe for the Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K), Snapchat, and great company.

(P.S.: The dog filter on Snapchat is my absolute favorite)


More time, and self-confidence.


To lose weight, and more writing assignments to keep myself afloat (creatively and financially).


Bloated, due to the amount of junk food that I ate earlier this afternoon.


I’ve been reading Carl’s blog quite a lot for some time now, and his stuff is pretty great. I’ve also been reading articles on CNN Philippines Life, and one of my goals at the moment is to be able to write for them in the future. And oh, do check out Philihappy too because I’m pretty proud of the things that we’ve released there so far!

Featured image is from an old installation from Local Edition last year. 


doomsday, change, and the future ahead

Today has been quite draining. Today is elections day, and it is obviously the most important day of the year for many Filipinos. 55 million individuals from different walks of life have discerned and assessed which people are deserving to run the country and improve its current state. I am one of the 55 million who voted today. As much as I have admired PNoy and his administration’s work in improving the state of our country, I know that there’s so much more to be done, which is why I’ve placed my faith in Mar Roxas, Leni Robredo, and folks such as Risa Hontiveros, Walden Bello, and Leila de Lima when I voted today because I know that they are capable of shaping the country into a better one.

Now that the polls have closed and that votes are now being counted, it’s scary to see that the two people being tipped for the two highest positions in the country are men who will potentially bring the Philippines into a state of fear and terror. You have someone who promised to eradicate crime and drug addiction in a short span of time through bloody means, while you have another who blatantly denied the sins of his father to the Filipino people and ran away with the Filipino people’s ill-gotten wealth. I cannot accept this, and I hope you do the same. It’s scary that they are dominating the polls, and it is quite telling that many of us have chosen to go for someone who will provide temporary, unsustainable solutions to our country’s problems rather than uphold our basic human rights. It is also infuriating that many of us have chosen another leader who continues to deny his involvement with his father’s sins. There is also an ongoing trend among people my age who apologize for the Marcoses’ sins, which is quite appalling. There is no doubt Martial Law was one of the worst things that happened to our country— lives were lost and human rights were hampered. But what’s worse is that many people defend its rationale and continue to reduce its relevance to us as Filipinos. Seeing these things through the different forms of media that I consume is just giving me many reasons to be angry about our country. I just want a Philippines that will allow me to say and do what I please (as long as it’s in the context of the law), a Philippines that will give me opportunities for growth, and a country that will keep me safe. From the looks of these results, I am afraid that it wouldn’t happen yet. I am hoping (and praying) that things will turn around in this year’s election results, and that the people who deserve to lead this country will be the ones to shine instead of those who are projected to win. The Philippines deserves better leaders than these two.

But whatever happens, I will not give up on the Philippines.

t-minus 5 hours

There’s at least five hours left before election day, and to be completely honest with you, I am scared. I’m really scared about the future of this country. As much as I would like to believe my candidate’s promise that the best is yet to come (yes, I have made a huge hint on who will be my top two candidates), there’s a part of me that is anxious about the country’s future once the results are out.  I’m scared because there’s a huge possibility that the next head of state will be a ruthless, tough-talking man who does not really give a flying fuck about basic human rights, along with another possibility that a dead dictator’s son will be second-in-command. The latter keeps on washing his hands when asked about the sins of his father, and he does not seem to really care about his people. If they were elected, it would pose a huge threat to our country.

The past few months have been utterly chaotic, particularly because of election fever. I’ve seen people left and right go apeshit (both in a negative and a positive way) whenever they talk about their chosen candidates, or their hated ones on social media. I am going to admit that I have spilled too much haterade over the views of several candidates, as well as their supporters on multiple occasions. But the damage has been done, and campaign period has officially ended, so the least I can do is now stand by my own values, causes, and beliefs, while including the needs of the others in choosing the people who I think would lead the country best.

I guess I am still quite naive and idealistic about my views about the future of the Philippines, but I’m hoping that my vote will help make the country a little bit better. On a personal level, I am hoping that my leader would uphold freedom of expression, have a preferential option for the poor, and would include every sector in the development of this country. As you finalize your list of candidates, I hope you take into consideration the society’s needs, your values, and the plans of your potential candidates in making the best decision for this country. Know yourself, know the country, and know your candidates.Fight for your own personal causes through your vote.  There’s still some time left.