t-minus 5 hours

There’s at least five hours left before election day, and to be completely honest with you, I am scared. I’m really scared about the future of this country. As much as I would like to believe my candidate’s promise that the best is yet to come (yes, I have made a huge hint on who will be my top two candidates), there’s a part of me that is anxious about the country’s future once the results are out.  I’m scared because there’s a huge possibility that the next head of state will be a ruthless, tough-talking man who does not really give a flying fuck about basic human rights, along with another possibility that a dead dictator’s son will be second-in-command. The latter keeps on washing his hands when asked about the sins of his father, and he does not seem to really care about his people. If they were elected, it would pose a huge threat to our country.

The past few months have been utterly chaotic, particularly because of election fever. I’ve seen people left and right go apeshit (both in a negative and a positive way) whenever they talk about their chosen candidates, or their hated ones on social media. I am going to admit that I have spilled too much haterade over the views of several candidates, as well as their supporters on multiple occasions. But the damage has been done, and campaign period has officially ended, so the least I can do is now stand by my own values, causes, and beliefs, while including the needs of the others in choosing the people who I think would lead the country best.

I guess I am still quite naive and idealistic about my views about the future of the Philippines, but I’m hoping that my vote will help make the country a little bit better. On a personal level, I am hoping that my leader would uphold freedom of expression, have a preferential option for the poor, and would include every sector in the development of this country. As you finalize your list of candidates, I hope you take into consideration the society’s needs, your values, and the plans of your potential candidates in making the best decision for this country. Know yourself, know the country, and know your candidates.Fight for your own personal causes through your vote.  There’s still some time left.





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