One of the things that I keep forgetting to mention here is my cat, Martha. You may have seen her on my social media accounts, but I haven’t really written anything about her at length, so I’m sharing some details about her here.

Prior to adopting Martha, our family went through three different cats over the course of six months. Our first cat, Becky, was too much to handle, so we gave her away.  Her supposed companion, Karlie died two weeks after we adopted her. On the other hand, another cat, Ella, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Just so you know, we didn’t adopt all of these cats at the same time.

After Ella disappeared, me and my brother decided that we wanted another cat in the household. Given our luck with cats, it seemed like living with one was not ideal anymore. We just had terrible luck with them, and adopting a cat was not advisable at that time. However, our trip to a cat cafe in Tokyo, Japan fueled our excitement to adopt another cat. Luckily, my friend Geraldine had a stray  cat living in their compound that had just given birth to a litter of kittens at that time.  I chose the kitten with three colors, since the kitten reminded me of Karlie. I finally took her home on the first week of June 2015. Martha was only around three weeks old when I adopted her.

My brother and I deliberated on the name for the kitten, until we settled on Martha (after Martha Hunt, the model). I initially wanted to name her Leslie, but my brother found the name to be a bit corny. When I first brought her home, my dad wasn’t too keen on her. It took a while for Martha to be accustomed to our home, as well as the things that were happening inside.

Martha is a house cat, which means that she’s inside the house for most of the time. She only goes out if we let her, but it’s mostly limited to our front yard. When she’s inside the house, she likes to run,climb, and hide in random places. One time, she went inside my father’s room and hid inside his underwear drawer. She also has a fondness for mattresses and anything soft, which means that she likes to go up beds and sleep on them from time to time. (As I type this, she’s sleeping on my bed).  She has an assortment of toys, but her favorite toy at home is the broom because she likes to chase it whenever I sweep the floor. Also, one of her favorite things to do at home is to catch and kill pests, which has done us a lot of good at home.

As for food and dining preferences, Martha likes to eat fish and leftover meat, such as pork or chicken. She also has a habit of going up the dining table whenever there is food available, but we try to put her off the table by  bringing some food in her special corner at home. Although she has a pet bowl for drinking water, she still prefers drinking water from a baby bottle.

Martha is not the type of cat who likes to be carried or picked up on normal days, but she prefers being stroked instead. However, when she is in heat, she becomes extra friendly and affectionate to her humans. Speaking of affection, she shows her love for her humans by greeting them whenever they enter the house, or “knocking” on their doors to wake them up. She is also a fan of nose boops, to the point that we refer to it as her way of saying “mano po” to her humans. Another thing to point out is that she gets along quite well with our dogs, Max and Mama Dog, which is a pleasant thing for pet owners.

I don’t really have much else to say about Martha, aside from her quirky habits and the fact that I love her to death. She’s a great cat overall, and she has made me happy on my low days. To conclude this, here are some Martha-related snaps that I posted on my Snapchat:



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