Updated Makeup and Skincare Routine

Hello there! I’m back. As you can tell in the title, I will be talking about my updated makeup and skincare routine. It’s been quite a while since I last talked about mine, and a lot of things have changed since then.

Having a solid skincare and makeup routine has been helping me with my mental health. It calms me, and it gives me a sense of structure for the day ahead. If you want to know the products that I’m using and my thoughts about them, just keep reading!


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When it comes to skincare, I usually tend to stick with what works best for me. However, I recently went through a bit of an experimental phase, which resulted in The Great Breakout of 2017. I guess this experimental phase was triggered by the whole Korean skincare phenomenon. I kept on trying all sorts of skincare and makeup products to the point that my skin got aggravated, which resulted in weekly breakouts that lasted for almost three months. Lesson learned: don’t play with too much makeup and skincare.

My current day and night skincare routine is fairly simple and streamlined. I actually built my routine around this post from Into the Gloss and my skin concerns, such as acne, dull skin, and oiliness. Here are the products that I’m using, according to my order of use:

Cleanser – I’m currently using The Face Shop’s Herb Day 365 cleansing foam in Lemon (Php 265 for 170 mL). I got this last April while browsing at The Face Shop’s Glorietta branch with Jow, and this was recommended to me after I inquired about mild facial cleansers for oily and acne-prone skin. It’s gentle for daily use and it leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. It also has a bit of a brightening effect too. I used to use this as my day cleanser, but I now use it for both day and night. It also has a lot of product, which is guaranteed to last me for quite a long time.

Update: I am currently testing out Garnier’s Pure Active anti-acne cleanser. It has salicylic acid, which is great for healing acne (in my case, at least). I noticed that a new annoying pimple has subsided a bit after using it for two runs.

Toner/Makeup Remover –  I once read an article on the wonders of micellar water, and let me tell you, it’s one beauty trend that I don’t regret giving in to. Ever since I laid my hands on Garnier’s Pure Active micellar water (Php 149 for 125 mL; Php 249 for the bigger size) a few months ago, I have decided to bid Eskinol and makeup wipes farewell.

Wait— ESKINOL AND MAKEUP WIPES? What’s the connection?! Well, I’ve been using my Garnier micellar water as both my toner and makeup remover, thus eliminating my need to buy a separate toner and a makeup remover to add to my routine. It’s a cost-efficient solution!

Anyway, I love the Garnier micellar water because it’s gentle and hydrating enough on the skin. It does a very good job of taking my face makeup off, and it’s also a pretty good balancing agent (I’m almost finished with my second bottle, BTW). My only gripe with this product is that it can sting a bit when you take off your waterproof eye makeup with it, but I guess it’s fairly standard among a lot of micellar waters that are out in the market.

Despite my love for micellar water,  I sometimes think that I still need a proper toner in my skincare routine. Right now, I’m contemplating on getting Etude House’s Soon Jung toning solution or the Thayer’s Witch Hazel toner to help balance my skin and prevent nasty zits from coming in the near future. (Oh, if you have other toner recommendations for normal to oily, acne-prone skin, please tweet me @leabolante or comment on this entry!)


Targeted serums/treatments – I have come to a point in my young adult life where I need specific treatments for my ever-growing list of skin concerns. When I broke out earlier this year, I initially used the Belo and Celeteque spot treatments to treat my pimples. However, when the breakouts became a bit more persistent, they decided to give up on me. In that moment, I realized three things: one, salicylic acid works best for my acne,  two: I need to stop overloading my face with products, and three: I need to stop picking at my own face whenever I get zits.

Right now, the acne treatment that I’m using is The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid 2% solution (PHP 645 from Aluxxe Beauty Studio at POP! Retail Lab). I’ve been using this for almost two weeks already, and I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin. I don’t break out as much as before, and my zits have become smaller. I use this as both a spot treatment and as an overall face serum of sorts before my moisturizer. I love this so much that I’m already contemplating on buying a back-up bottle in case I run out! The hype surrounding The Ordinary’s products is real, and it’s another beauty trend that I do not regret falling into. In fact, I would buy the Niacinamide + Zinc serum and the Advanced Retinoid 2% if budget and availability woes weren’t my concerns.

Update: I’m about to run out of this :—( Repurchasing very very very soon!

Moisturizer – I hate to admit this, but I was one of the many people who believed that moisturizers were huge no-nos for oily skin. After years of trial-and-error, I think I have finally discovered the perfect moisturizer for my normal to oily skin: Celeteque’s Hydration Facial Moisturizer (Php 138– if I recall correctly).
I am not going to be super-rambly in this portion, because I really love this moisturizer. I have now become a convert to gel moisturizers and moisturizing sprays because of this product. I will probably repurchase this in the near future.

SPF – The SPF that I’m using is Celeteque’s Sun Care Matte Moisturizer with SPF 30 (Php 213). This is a purchase that I made during my experimental phase, and whenever I put this on, I immediately feel regret (half-joking). I thought that this would replace my favorite Belo sunscreen, but NOPE. It leaves a white cast on me (because it’s a chemical sunscreen), and it DOES NOT mattify.

However, I’m doing my best to make it work. To get rid of the nasty white cast, I put a small amount and gradually put the sunscreen on my face in layers. It has made this sunscreen a bit more bearable for daily wear. Despite this method, I don’t see myself repurchasing this after I’ve used it all up.

If you have recommendations for mild and affordable sunscreen, please let me know!

Add-ons – Once in a while, I buy face masks. I like going for sheet masks, since they’re not as tedious to use as their peel-off/wash-off counterparts. My favourite one so far is Etude House’s tea tree sheet mask.

Update: I got an exfoliator! I am currently using Tony Moly’s Floria Brightening Peeling Gel. I convinced myself to get an exfoliator after reading a post on Into the Gloss on peeling gels and its effect on banishing product pilling. It’s mild but potent enough to slough off dead skin. I have noticed my dark spots gradually fading. Not to mention, it’s relatively affordable compared to Cure and its counterparts!

I also forgot to mention the Miacare spot patches for nighttime. The CosRX spot patches are hard to come by (it’s always sold out in Beauty MNL!), so if you are looking for a dupe that’s readily available, this is your best bet. I use this on huge zits or wounds resulting from my zits, lol.

My skincare routine usually takes me around 10-15 minutes (on REGULAR work days), but when I feel like taking my time, I extend it for up to 20 (Or I’m just really slow in the mornings).




My approach to makeup is similar to my skincare routine. I usually love a clean, polished base with a nude/MLBB lip, but I’ve been feeling a bit more experimental lately. I am currently gravitating towards lighter bases and brighter lip colors for my recent makeup looks! (Don’t get me wrong though: I still love my nude/MLBB lipsticks and I will forever hold on to them like my life depended on them)
Blabber aside, here’s a rundown of my current makeup routine:


For my base, I start off by using my MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW30. I’ve had this for a while now, and it’s my favorite cream concealer/corrector. I use this to correct my dark circles and nasty dark spots.

Next, I use the new Maybelline Fit Me foundation stick in Natural Beige. You read it right: I am using foundation! I normally tend to go for lighter bases, such as the Pond’s BB cream or the Maybelline Fit Me concealer, but its quick and convenient formula and affordable price got me sold. I am still testing this out, and so far, I feel a bit meh about it.

After my corrector and foundation, I put on concealer. The concealers that I’ve been reaching for the most are the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Deep, L’Oreal True Match concealer in W 3-4 (light to medium) and the Pink Sugar Our Lil’ Secret concealer in Medium Deep. I alternate them, depending on the coverage I want.

Update: My dog ate my MAC concealer…and the Maybelline foundation stick broke me out. 😦

Cheeks and Eyes

I’m usually lazy when it comes to cheek products, but I would like to make an exception with Fashion 21’s Single Blush in M02. It’s a lovely tan shade that’s versatile enough to be a blush, bronzer/contour, and eyeshadow. It doesn’t last very long, so I lug it around sometimes for touch-ups.  For the most part though, I just use my lipstick as blush.

Eye makeup is something that I suck at, so I just stick to filling in my brows and applying mascara. Most of the time though,  I just leave my eyes bare because I have a habit of rubbing my eyes. I’m trying my best not to touch them, by the way. Moving on, the eyebrow pencil that I’m using at the moment is Fashion 21’s Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Grey Brown (Php 85). For its cheap price, I’m surprised by its longevity and pigmentation!

For mascara, I am still holding on to my tube of Majolica Majorca’s Lash King Edge Meister. It’s the best mascara I’ve tried so far.


When it comes to lip products, I tend to go crazy with it. I always carry at least three lip products with me at all times, whether its lip balm or lipstick of any form. The lip products that I’ve been carrying with me are Glossier’s Coconut Balm Dotcom, Nivea’s Care and Colour tinted lip balm in Ruby Red, The Face Shop’s Watery Tint in Rose Garden, Glossier’s Generation G in Crush, and a nude/MLBB lipstick.

I’ve already mentioned about the Glossier stuff in a previous review, so I’m not gonna reiterate my thoughts and feelings about them for the sake of brevity and readability. Moving on, the Nivea tinted lip balm is an easy alternative to traditional red lipsticks, and it’s an affordable option that you can get at your nearby Watsons or Mercury Drug. Meanwhile, I have finally understood the hype behind The Face Shop’s Watery Tints. They’re incredibly pigmented and long-lasting.


And that’s my skincare and makeup routine! I tried to be as detail-oriented and honest as possible with my mini-reviews, lol. If you have any comments or product recommendations, please send them your way!


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