Observations and Notes: Knee Injury Edition

Hello there!

As you can tell in the title, I sustained a knee injury. I twisted my left knee from working out two weeks ago, and it was quite a painful, gruesome experience. While I have seen progress with my knee and my overall mobility, there’s still some panic and fear looming (and also, if we see each other, you might notice that I’ve been walking in a pretty funny way).

I will spare you the nitty-gritty on how the injury came to be, but rather, I’d share with you some takeaways over the past two weeks as I deal with life with my injury.

My biggest observation from this is learning how to slow down and learning how to honor your own pace. Prior to this injury, I’ve taken a liking to expediting things, and you know, keeping up with everyone. In short, I like going hard and fast when it comes to living my life. It’s an attempt to keep up with everyone and seeing things as some race after being dubbed as slow and dumb by people growing up, and I’ve taken it into different areas of my life. While it’s okay to step up your game and speed things up in other areas of your life (in my case, it’s writing for work and doing other work tasks), there are areas in your life where you have to slow down and trust your own rhythm.  With my injury at the moment, I’ve learned how to take my time when it comes to doing other things, and listen to my body when it comes to my limits and whatnot. In the process of slowing down, I’ve come to accept that it’s okay to miss out on things, especially if those things compromise certain areas of my life, like my health and safety.

Speaking of health, I have also started becoming more mindful of my health and overall well-being. I’m trying to incorporate healthier food into my diet, and I’m doing my best to do low-impact workouts when it comes to my knee’s condition.

Another important takeaway from this is that I’ve gotten closer to my family, especially with my dad. I know my dad and have always been quite close, but this incident made us spend more time together, especially during the last couple of months. It’s been an adjustment on my part in terms of my schedule, but it’s been quite helpful, since I struggle with tardiness a lot.

What else? Hmmm, remember when I mentioned about my struggle about asking for help and being more open towards others? It has never felt more real because of this injury. I’m usually very suspicious towards people, which is why I struggle with making (and keeping) friends. But I’m going off. Anyway, I noticed that the people around me have been concerned about my well-being. In the past few weeks I’ve been injured, I’ve received messages of concern and care from people. I’m grateful for that, and it makes me feel like I need to be more appreciative and grateful for others too.

On to more superficial things involving my injury, here’s a laundry list of the stuff that have made this ordeal bearable:

  1. Salonpas and topical pain relievers
  2. A good pair of flats or sneakers
  3. Commuting/walking buddies
  4. Stretching and bending exercises
  5. Tailored sailor pants
  6. Knee compression sleeves

Despite all these positive observations, I am not going to deny that there were some instances where I’ve noticed some negativity around me. There were times when people asked me “Kelan ba gagaling yang tuhod mo?” While I do have a hunch that this question was intended out of genuine concern for me, I do have gripes with it. But I’m just going to let it pass, since I’m more focused on my recovery.

The past two weeks involving my injury has been quite an eye-opening experience. I’m optimistic that my knee and my mobility will go back to normal in time. But for now, I’m relishing the progress that I’ve made.





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