One Big Five: The Bonfire Photodiary

After a tough semester, I finally had the time to unwind and let loose at this year’s bonfire! In my previous post, the Ateneo Blue Eagles won their FIFTH straight title in basketball this year, and the bonfire was a fitting way to celebrate their victory in the UAAP (along with the other teams that won championships this season)! Anyway, here are some of the pictures from the bonfire last night:


The Clingy Club was incomplete last night 😦

With my very happy, left-handed South friends. (Yes, we take HUGE pride in being left-handed)  Anyway, this was taken before the actual bonfire itself!

Kiefer Ravena’s got moves. No, seriously!

Hello, Jam!

Rico Blanco! I have to admit, his getup was pretty strange, but he delivered an awesome performance!

Greg Slaughter

Yael Yuzon! I have so much pictures of Yael in my camera, I think I might have to make a “Yael Yuzon appreciation post” in the future HAHAHA

The best part about the bonfire —— approaching the players without any hint of awkwardness, even if you’re batchmates with some of them! (Random fact: I’m batchmates with Kiefer Ravena, and Nico Elorde is my blockmate!) And yes… fangirling tendencies have been unleashed, after a year!