New York, a photo diary

I’m not gonna be super wordy here, so I’ll be sharing some of my favourite photos from my recent trip to the US. Maybe I miss New York a little too much.

Brooklyn Bridge
Just a portion of the protests I spotted while in DC. The message remains relevant across different areas of life, though.
A major highlight of this trip was GOT7’s concert in Brooklyn! I’ve been a fan of them for at least a year and a half now, and this concert was a milestone in my life as a fangirl.
I really tried to take good photos of them, but oh well. Still an awesome show!


Glossier Showroom
A slice of Central Park

Places: Tokyo, Japan

I miss Tokyo. It’s been four months since I set foot in that place, and the desire to come back is quite strong.

Maybe it’s because 5 days was never enough to cover the whole city. But still, my 5-day stay in Tokyo was enough to love the city, and it’s adequate enough for me to make plans and return in the near future.