Countdown to 2011

Spending the New Year’s at home here in Paranaque for the third year in a row. Did nothing but eat, sleep, update my Tumblr and tweet. Here are some of today’s photos!

New Year's message

1. New Year’s message to friends and family

2. Photo experiment

3. Photo experiment number two

4. Cheesy potato bake

Enjoy the last hour and a half of 2010, guys!


T minus 37 hours and 29 minutes before 2011.

It’s less than 48 hours to go before the new year, but I still don’t feel it yet, as much as I want to bid the demons of 2010 goodbye. It seems that my 2010, despite a rocky beginning and a horrendous middle, seemed to end quite perfectly. I want the new year to be kind to me.

Daft Punk

Daft Punk has been one of my favorite musical acts in recent years. I’ve been a fan of them ever since I was first year high school. Their music is very catchy, and appealing to a lot of audiences, which made me love them. Here are some of my favorite music videos from them! Enjoy.

One More Time (from Interstella 5555— one of my favorite movies)

Derezzed (featuring some scenes from Tron: Legacy! Michael Sheen’s look in the movie reminds me of Ziggy Stardust haha)

Harder Better Faster Stronger

2010, I am ready to bid farewell to you.

Dear 2010,

For the second time around, I want to say goodbye to you.  This year was a total rollercoaster. There were happy moments, sad moments, frustrating moments, and everything else. I want to say goodbye to the sadness and the anger, and bring something fresh for 2011. So, 2010, thank you for the stress, the mistakes, the random happiness, and the lessons learned. Thank you for the new friends, and the new people that I’ve encountered as well. Goodbye.




17 +2011

Pardon me for making bad introductions and horrible blog titles, but let me share you my New Year’s resolutions, since New Year’s day is just a week away. Also, I wanted to share 17 of my New Year’s resolutions, since I’ll be turning seventeen next August, and I believe in the adage that “life begins at seventeen.” Anyway, here’s a list of my New Year’s resolutions:

  1. I will study harder. This is a New Year’s resolution that is always present in my list of New Year’s resolutions over the years. But this time, I’ll really fulfill it, since I’ll be in college next year!
  2. I will be more patient with things. Family, friends, and self. You name it. I realized that throughout 2010, I was this impatient little girl with a short fuse when things do not go the way it is planned.
  3. I will save my money. *Repeats to self 1000 times* I will not spend my money on unnecessary things whenever I go out, and I will eat my baon fervently for the last three months of high school.
  4. I will blog more often, and write more often. I honestly think that my writing skills need a lot of work to do.
  5. I will stay committed to an exercise plan. I want to take running classes, plyometrics, yoga or spinning to stay in shape this summer. But sadly, I don’t have the guts to stay committed to an exercise plan, or an activity that I’m interested in. So next year, I will really be committed to an exercise and diet plan to stay in shape.
  6. I will engage in more ukay/thrift shopping. This is a method for saving money. I will minimize my “obsession” on really expensive clothes, and scour ukay-ukays and department stores for awesome clothes instead. Haha. I will also practice “shopping” in my closet.
  7. I will stop this habit of not returning borrowed books on the due date. For obvious reasons.
  8. I will start reading more books. For obvious reasons as well.
  9. I will do my homework with much heart and motivation.
  10. I will update myself with news more often.
  11. I will think more positively. Another New Year’s resolution that is always present.
  12. I will have a proper skincare routine. I need this badly.
  13. I will be more adventurous when it comes to things.
  14. I will be more appreciative of what is given to me.
  15. I will learn how to cook.
  16. I will engage myself in new activities, such as painting and photography.
  17. I will take care of my things!

So, here’s my random list of New Year’s resolutions. Happy New Year, Tumblr friends!



Dear 2010,

Thank you for another year. Thank you for bringing out the best and the worst in me. Thank you for letting me meet new friends, learn new things, and see the reality. Thank you for making me end 2010,with a blast though.

What Is

This is random list of things that define “what is_________.”

  1. What is balimbing: Supporting Arsenal and Man U at the same time, and trying on a FC Barcelona jersey when you know that you are a Madridista.
  2. What is productive: Cleaning your room to stave off boredom.
  3. What is starstruck: Seeing your favorite celebrity and being lost in the moment.
  4. What is jeje: Owning a jejecap.
  5. What is busog: Not being able to finish your meal because of chocolate cake and Praline Mocha frappe
  6. What is trying to be organized: Buying a planner, trying to come up with to-do lists, and realizing that you weren’t able to fulfill your to-do list at the end of the day.
  7. What is naiinip: Doing random things while waiting for your video to upload.
  8. What is awesome: Being accepted in one of the colleges you applied for.
  9. What is mindblowingly awesome: Tron Legacy’s film score.